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    I would echo the other rating. I personally have been aggressively hit on by older (50's) straight men at this bar. Even after yelling at him that I'm gay. I don't bring my straight friends here to be preyed on anymore. But there still are wonderful LGBTQ people who frequent this bar.
    This gym is mostly full of very athletic males, and as a female I am by far the minority. No one has outright done or said anything negative to me, but it isn't the most inclusive atmosphere that my gay male friends feel comfortable in.
    My wife and I go to classes here and have felt 100% welcome and supported by the trainers. Great workout in only 30 minutes!
    Just B Yoga has an LGBTQ yoga class! And as a bigger-bodied queer person, each class is inclusive of all sizes and genders. Belinda, the owner, is a wonderful person too.
    It's SUPER LGBT friendly and welcoming here. Always a great experience. Be prepared to wait in line (because the food is awesome).
    Definitely LGBT friendly and incredibly excellent coffee.
    I second the previous comment! My partner and I were new to Lansing when we started attending last year, and we felt welcomed right away.
    This Church is an awesome place to worship!! Services are grounded in the Reformed tradition. I left the Christian Reformed Church because of the way they treated LGBT community - very very un-Christian. Here at First Pres, the pastor and staff share a progressive Christian mission. The congregation is welcoming. The church's dedication to the inner city community it serves is incredible. I have worshiped at this church for over 2 years now. I was honored to asked to become an Elder. Please consider joining us and make this your Spiritual Home. We have a great community choir starting up. This is a perfect place to bring your children to enjoy a "judgment free" zone for your family. PLEASE JOIN us Sunday's at 10 am!
    This is a two-part rating:
    1. Playmakers store: they have always taken the time to make sure my partner and I find the right shoes, ordering additional sizes/colors, etc. When we got more into running, they helped us find the best type of support for our movement. They stand by their shoes - when the first pair I tried for running didn't work, I brought them back (after wearing them outdoors for several training sessions) and used the full amount that I paid to go toward another pair (which I love).
    2. Team Playmakers (Women's 5K Training). This group of women is amazing! We are openly a couple and have been welcomed and encouraged by members and coaches alike.
    My spouse and I both go to Douglas J EL. When we got married in June, everyone congratulated us on our next visit, asking to see pictures, etc. Very friendly and welcoming... and we love the work that our colorists/stylists do.