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    Great specials and gender-neutral restrooms available.
    I went there and I’m a cross dresser and I could not use the womens anything at all I had the cops called on me because I went into the girls locker room
    My wife is transgender and we have went there many times the staff is always friendly and really enjoys us coming we're regulars here. We have also never had any problems with other people that have been dining there it's a small dining place but very friendly and always seems to have great food
    I know Attalie personally and even through she is very religious I have never felt anything but love from her. Don't let the music scare you....though I understand the caution
    Supports the local PFLAG group and always friendly to LGBT customers.
    Arez H Gardy
    Best place ever. Super friendly and accepting. LGBT flag and everything. Love the environment. (Plus they have amazing food too!)
    This business refused to host same-sex marriages based on their religious beliefs. After public outcry on social media over this in 2016, they now claim to not host any weddings. In an mlive article in Aug. 2016, the owner was quoted as saying that it "will allow us to maintain our religious beliefs and serve people of all backgrounds and beliefs."