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Golden Harvest

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  • Mon–Fri 7:00 AM–2:30 PM
  • Sat–Sun 8:00 AM–2:30 PM
  • 1625 Turner St
  • Moderate


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What others are saying

    Best place ever. Super friendly and accepting. LGBT flag and everything. Love the environment. (Plus they have amazing food too!)
    It's SUPER LGBT friendly and welcoming here. Always a great experience. Be prepared to wait in line (because the food is awesome).
    besides the best food ever, the doctrine of this place is "don't be dick" which is a very welcoming doctrine to everyone :)
    Pro-lgbt signs and flags everywhere!
    Not only is the food delicious, Golden Harvest is a fabulously queer space. The employees are great and they live the "don't be a dick" doctrine.
    9000% LGBT friendly. Without hesitation I know you could go here and be yourself, all of yourself, with whomever else and you would be welcomed. This place is full of all the greatest people all the time, basically.